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About Our Trekking Project

Annapurna Dhaulagiri Community Trek project (the name of the map is Community-managed Ecotrail _ Mohare-Khopra-Khayar Lek) was established in 2010 with the financial support of UNDP/MEDEP and village contribution as per Mahabir Pun's concept who is Magsaysay Awardee from Philippines in 2007. This is an unique trekking route in Nepal due to its objective – to develop the community in order to support the education of community based schools and health facilities in the villages.

The route offers you a mixture of fabulous landscape and great culture experience. This is an “off-beaten” trek which gives you the opportunity to experience the real Nepali life while walking in quiet and peace without the crowd that you can usually find in other trails.
During your trek, you will have a combination of community home-stay and community lodges. In each village you can visit the local projects and buy some of the local product as souvenir. The benefits from the lodges what they earn go to community.

There are many options of itineraries for this trek. Any trekker can adjust this route according to their desire and interest.
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And you can watch a short video of Janita's family who were from Australia. The link is here 


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